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Fly Fishing for Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon have a great bite, amazing runs and jumps.  Silver’s will stack up in the slack waters of the Upper Kenai River creating an over stimulating sight fishing experience.  Silver Salmon on fly in the Canyon section can be every cast until you leave when the conditions are right.  Average Silver Salmon are 8 – 10 pounds with 12 -15 pound fish commonly caught when targeted.  Hunting 15+ pound Trophy Silver Salmon on fly is something we should do together!


Sight fishing is the most pure way to do any fly fishing.  When looking for Silver Salmon in slack water you will find the school will hold roughly two thirds of the way down the seam where it joins the slack water.  When spotting Silver’s they will appear bluish grey and the vertical line on there tails will stand out black.  If you cannot see them it is a good idea to cover the water by casting, sinking the fly down and slowly stripping the fly back to the boat.  Silver Salmon on fly has lot’s of advanced techniques that can be applied – double haul, strip set and sight fishing.  Check out the fly fishing schools in September and October at


7 – 8 weight 9 foot fly rod is the best choice for casting for Silver’s.  Your Silver Salmon fly box should consist of lot’s of pink and purple flash flies with varied weights.  The best fly line for Silver’s is an intermediate or sink tip.  Floating fly line works but make sure you have heavy fly’s  that get down quick.  Swinging switch rods and spey rods is an effective technique.

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