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Fly Fishing for Sockeye Salmon

Pound for Pound Sockeye Salmon are the hardest fighting fish on the Kenai River.  Sockeye charge up the edges of the river in the tens of thousands creating a very easy fish to hook!  Once you are hooked keep your hand clear of the reel and hold on.  Sockeye Salmon average 6-7 pounds and up to 10+ pounds depending on the salmon runs.  For the fish eaters, Sockeye are the best chance of bringing home some meat to enjoy.


As Sockeye Salmon push there way up the river the best technique to hook them is what we consider the clothes line technique.  Casting across the river and swing your fly through the fish will floss the fly into there mouth for a bone crushing hook up!  Some fish do bite with the proper technique but I will admit this technique is not enjoyed by the ” purist fly fisherman “.  The most important aspect of fly fishing for Sockeye Salmon is being in the right place at the right time.  Check our fish calendar for peak runs at


A 9 foot 7-9 weight fly rod and reel will serve you the best.  We use 20 pound test mono filament with a barrel swivel and weight ranging from 1/4 ounce – 1 ounce weight.  The best hook to use for your fly is a size 4 Diachi X point.

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