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Alaska Clearwater Fishing Blog

Winter fly fishing on Upper Kenai River

We have bought a piece of property next to Kenai River and build our family home.  Twelve years ago was my first season as a professional fishing guide on the Upper Kenai River.  The first few years were great!  Fish, Fish, Fish!  The best part of becoming a guide is the personal time spent on…

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Fly Fishing for Sockeye Salmon

Pound for Pound Sockeye Salmon are the hardest fighting fish on the Kenai River.  Sockeye charge up the edges of the river in the tens of thousands creating a very easy fish to hook!  Once you are hooked keep your hand clear of the reel and hold on.  Sockeye Salmon average 6-7 pounds and up…

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Fly Fishing for Silver Salmon

Silver Salmon have a great bite, amazing runs and jumps.  Silver’s will stack up in the slack waters of the Upper Kenai River creating an over stimulating sight fishing experience.  Silver Salmon on fly in the Canyon section can be every cast until you leave when the conditions are right.  Average Silver Salmon are 8…

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Fly fishing for Rainbow Trout

Native Rainbow Trout on the Kenai River have been in the river system since the beginning of time.  Every hook up with a Rainbow Trout is awesome!  Rainbow Trout Bite hard,  jump and run making them a fly fisherman’s dream when visiting the town of Cooper Landing.  Within the Upper Kenai River National Wildlife Refuge…

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