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Fly-Fishing Films and Videos

Welcome to Clearwater Films! I hope you enjoy watching independant fly fishing films, fly tying video’s, instructional videos and short clips of fly fishing action.  Check out our feature film done by Ty Stuevesaunt.

Zack’s First Permit on the Fly

Fox fur bunny tail – Tarpon fly

Tarpon fly for fly fishing Islamorada Florida. Great fly for dirty water and morning rollers. This fly has been designed to not foul and fish great. The pattern works in almost all species just vary the size and color.

Bonefish on Fly in Key Largo

Fly Fishing for Bonefish in Key Largo is really an awesome way to spend a morning. Schools of Bonefish between 10 – 50 fish in each school have been eating flies well. At least the flies we throw at them are working. Bonefishing in Key Largo is a nice change from the brutally pressured Bonefish of Islamorada. We have been seeing some Bonefish up to 8 pounds which are absoultely amazing on Fly. The ultimate Fly FIshing Experience!

Bonefish on Fly 2014

Islamorada Fly fishing is one of the best places to sight fish Bonefish , Tarpon, Permit, Snook and Redfish in any given day. We had an 80 degree Sunday to go have fun on the flats. Captain Zack Walters and Captain Brett Greco still finding great Bonefishing opportunties in the Florida Keys. The Tarpon Bonefish Trust has reported that 80% of the Bonefish in the Florida Keys have vanished over the last 20 years.

Fly Fishing the Kenai River Canyon with Trophy Waters

The Kenai River National Wildlife Refuge has been World Class. With Salmon staging up to spawn. Big Rainbow Trout are licking their lips waiting for the eggs to drop. Fly Fishing for Big Trout is truly an experience of a life time. Dick and Dan had a great day exercising these fish. The Kenai River was magic today!

Upper Kenai River Fly Fishing Film on Coexistence with Alaska Clearwater Sportfishing

Clearwater films was started with an idea to capture my life of fly fishing. Fly tying, Independent films, World Travel and ecosystem sustainability. One day we will have our own TV show!

Kenai River fly tying Foxy foam Caddis

Rainbow Trout Fishing with Dry fly’s on the Kenai River. Alaska Clearwater Sport Fishing will take you deep within the canyon walls in search of risers!

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