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Why Fly Fishing

When you choose to fly fish you are driven by mystique . To some, fly fishing is more desirable and others just want to catch fish, so the drive to catch fish on fly is not present. Spin fishing is a great option for most people. For me… Fly fishing is a passion… it is the driving force in my life. I believe that everyone should be really, really good at one thing in their life and for me it is fly fishing.

Fly fishing is better introduced to first timers on a trout stream. Let’s be honest! Someone does not come to Islamorada to learn how to catch fish on a fly rod. A first time fly fisherman coming to the Florida Key’s and hiring a Guide is more like a person signing up for the Olympics not knowing the event that they signed up for.

When I started fly fishing it was on the Trout streams of Wyoming and Colorado. Fly fishing was an activity to forget about my current job as a Technician for BMW. I was able to completely forget about all the current problems in life and just be. The sound of the river and the smell of fresh air were great!

I have gone through several levels of desire throughout my journey. First you just want to catch fish, then you want to catch more fish, then you want to catch the big one.  The transition from fresh water fly fishing to salt water can be very humbling. Anglers that consistently catch fish on fly in the Key’s are usually of the same composure of an Olympic athlete. Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit are the most challenging flat’s fish in the game.

When a fly fisherman starts chasing after the big three it takes lots of patients, discipline and serious financial commitment. When you are fly fishing you are doing it the hard way. Usually luck is not on your side and if you catch a fish you see the fish, make a great cast, set the hook properly and hang on until the fish is to the hand.

Having realistic expectations is everything. What makes my operation a successful fly fishing operation is that Trophy Waters is a family operation. When you call I answer and I am your Captain. I will always be honest and let you know if I can exceed your expectations. Fly fishing should always be fun so set yourself up for success. In the summer I am on the Kenai River which happens to be the best place in the world to learn how to fly fish. Winter to Spring I am in the Florida Key’s. Give a call so we can talk about fly fishing.

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