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Winter fly fishing on Upper Kenai River

We have bought a piece of property next to Kenai River and build our family home.  Twelve years ago was my first season as a professional fishing guide on the Upper Kenai River.  The first few years were great!  Fish, Fish, Fish!  The best part of becoming a guide is the personal time spent on the water and the excuse to my wife that it’s my job!

The other part of being a fly fishing guide is building the business.  I learned from many very successful business men that there is nothing more important than the customer.  The last decade, I have put my sole into my summers in AK and winter and spring in the Keys guiding with little time for family, friends and personal time.

I find myself in a very functional house for my family and some time to spend on the Kenai River fly fishing!  We exercise these Rainbow Trout all summer long and in the beginning of winter they are hungry and well fed.  We have many winter day’s in the forty’s as our climate rapidly changes so I choose to fish the warm day’s.

For angler’s that want to pursue the winter fishing rig three fly rods!?

  • The Black/White Dali Lama
  • The Pink Flash fly
  • The 8 mill apricot Swirl

Buy em or Tie em!

I am very specialized in fishing the Upper Kenai river national wildlife refuge so that’s where I choose to fun fish.

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